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DeLi Linux 0.7.2 (1 CD)


Distribution Release: DeLi Linux 0.7.2 deli Henry Jensen has announced the release of DeLi Linux 0.7.2, a Linux distribution with light-weight graphical environments, specifically designed for very old computers (machines with as little as 8MB of RAM are targeted): "DeLi Linux 0.7.2 is the next and possibly the last release in the 0.7.x branch. DeLi Linux 0.7.2 have the following new features: Linux kernel; X.Org 7.2; a new default web browser, Konq-E (Konqueror Embedded) which has Javascript and CSS support; the pdq print system, which replaces lprng; improved and bug-fixed delisetup, deliget and netinstall; other new packages includes nano, Gutenprint, gv and xaw3d, and the new Liberation fonts from Red Hat." Read the release announcement and changelog for more details. Download: deli-0.7.2.iso (128MB, MD5).

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