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Diskotix 2.0 (1 CD)

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* Diskotix is one 1.44MB floppy Linux distribution comes with text editor, spreadsheet, web browser, calculator, calendar, games, utilities, network applications and others. * Diskotix acts like MS DOS system in one floppy with wordstar, lotus 123, calculator, calendar, games, web browser, network applications, system utilities and nice menu! * Diskotix is designed with simplicity in mind: o No kernel messages when booting o No login prompt o Many tasks are done using wizard o No command line (user friendly menu will used instead; menu will appear after booting) * Users can still view the boot messages using dmesg (or select Boot Message from menu) * Command line tradition is still there. User (who may hate menu) can switch to tty2 (or select Operating System Shell from menu) and start working with command line interface. * Diskotix is free/open source software.

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