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IPFire 2.1 Final (1 CD)


IPFire is a linux based firewall distribution with a lot of extras. Development base of the new release 2.1 was Linux from Scratch, a stable and flexible guide to build a linux distribution. According to this the system was set up and tighten up with nice extras like Asterisk PBX, Samba, CUPS and many more...

So you can get anything out of ipfire you can imagine. Without any addons installed it is an ultra-fast firewall but can also be a full-featured home server.

One of the highlight of this security accessorie are the extensions to make a real home server out of it. You are able to install additional addons to the system with only a few mouse clicks. There are for example: * => a fast fileserver for networks with Microsoft Windows * => a local mailserver with virus scanning and spam detection * => a multimedia-jukebox * => a mp3- and ogg-streaming server * => an Intrusion Prevention System plus Guardian * => voice over ip-solution with asterisk pbx

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