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Sabayon Linux 1.1 "Professional Edition" - x86 (1 DVD)


Fabio Erculiani has announced the release of Sabayon Linux 1.1, "Professional" edition: "We are happy to announce Sabayon Linux 1.1 Professional Edition. Distribution updates: Live boot is now 3 times faster thanks to our improved OpenGL configuration tool; updated KDE to 3.5.7, WINE to 0.9.47; added Nopaste; kernel with the addition of rt2x00 tree patches for more wireless drivers support and latest ACPI patches for support on Fujitsu laptops; changed Sabayon artwork to match latest art changes in Sabayon style; updated KNetworkManager; Added Git, Cogito and Screen; NVIDIA video drivers updated to 100.14.19, ATI video drivers to 8.40.4; added Innotek VirtualBox OSE; updated OpenOffice.org to 2.2.1; many more packages updated.

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