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JackLab Audio Distribution 1.0 (1 DVD)


The first stable release of JackLab, an openSUSE-based distribution designed for musicians, producers and media creators, was announced today: "The technical manager of the JackLab project, Oliver Bengs, released the final 1.0 version of the JackLab Audio Distribution (JAD). JAD 1.0 is based upon openSUSE 10.2, with the addition of a realtime kernel for fast audio processing and a professional audio server - JACK. JackLab 1.0 is the most comprehensive selection of open source audio and multimedia software to date. The Enlightenment D17 window manager (with 'KDE-lite' tweaks) is used by default. Unlike other existing Linux audio distributions (64 Studio, Ubuntu Studio, Musix, dyne:bolic) JAD 1.0 offers complete support for ASIO. In addition, native VST for Linux is supported by JOST, a small modular host.

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