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Geubuntu 7.10 (1 CD)


Geubuntu is an Ubuntu-based desktop distribution that combines the power of GNOME and the beauty of Enlightenment into an eye-catching and efficient desktop. Version 7.10, code name "Luna Nuova", was released today: "Geubuntu 7.10 'Luna Nuova' has been released. There has been a huge amount of restyling and improvements since 'Prima Luna'. Many suggestions by users in the forums have been implemented: you can now switch from Sunshine to Moonlight edition instantly from the live CD or an installed system, with a single click! That's why there's no need for two ISO files any more. Geubuntu is now also faster, since it uses Thunar instead of Nautilus and Xfce panel instead of GNOME panel. You can also upgrade any previous Geubuntu Prima Luna installation from packages.

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