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Minibuntu 7.10 (i386) (1 CD)


Minibuntu, the tiny Ubuntu remix you can build on! You want to build your own Ubuntu based livecd, having the complete control over the installed software but you don't know where to start? Minibuntu is here to help you!

Minibuntu is a fully working Ubuntu livecd containing only the minimal set of software to make the system work. Minibuntu ISO image is only 138MB. After downloading minibuntu you can use Ubuntu Customization Kit, Reconstructor or any other tool to remaster the ISO and add the software/configurations you want, building your own Ubuntu based livecd.

Minibuntu is an idea by CreaLabs and is not recognized, supported or sponsored in any way by Ubuntu and Canonical. This means that this is not an official Ubuntu project.

Minibuntu contains: - ubuntu-minimal (this is a metapackage, details at http://tinyurl.com/2cpw6o) - ubuntu-standard (this is a metapackage, details at http://tinyurl.com/323nu8) - casper - lupin-casper

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