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VectorLinux 5.8 Standard LIVE (1 live cd)


The LIVE Editions are bootable CDROM's which contain the entire VectorLinux operating system on the CD. This enables the user to test a distribution on their system without the need of re-partitioning and installing to the hard drive. They also enable the user to use their favourite operating system on any computer, without affecting the computer for future users. If you desire you can actually also install the LIVE Editions to your hard drive, but it is recommended you choose our Standard or SOHO Edition instead if you wish to do this.

Robert Lange has announced the final release of the live CD edition of VectorLinux 5.8 "Standard", as well as the first alpha of the live CD/DVD edition of VectorLinux 5.8 "SOHO": "The VectorLinux team is proud to announce the release of VectorLinux 5.8 Live CD and the first SOHO 5.8 alpha live CD and DVD. This is the final release for 5.8 standard GOLD live. The hard drive installer that has been problematic is fixed and should work well. The SOHO 5.8 alpha live comes in either CD or DVD editions. The DVD edition includes all that is in the SOHO 5.8 install release plus 62 additional language packs for KDE. The CD version has lost some functionality due to size constraints. The development tool chain and OpenOffice.org were removed

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