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ZenCafe 1.0 (1 cd)

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Zencafe - Straight forwards to the future

Zencafe is a GNU/Linux internet cafe desktop distribution based on Zenwalk. Zenwalk is based on Slackware, and both Zenwalk and Zencafe are mostly backwards compatible with Slackware.


    * Awesome (powered by GNU/Linux Zenwalk as base)
    * Modern (latest stable software)
    * Fast (optimized for performance capabilities)
    * User Friendly (designed for various internet cafe user technical background)
    * Rational (standard internet cafe mainstream application only)
    * Evolutionary (netpkg installation, deepfreeze like tool, and internet management software included)

Internet cafe are the best location to spread Linux to everyone. Various people came to internet cafe everyday, much of them doesn’t have computer technical background and never use Linux before. The simple way to make they use Linux is make they comfortable enough to use it, make they feel like still use their own PC and familiar OS.

Why Zencafe
Zencafe is lightweight Linux OS, but more than that, it’s use latest stable packaged and still easy enough to operated, even for no technical background user. Included autorecovery and internet cafe management software, Zencafe is the best solution for your internet cafe.

Where I get Zencafe
You can download Zencafe from Zenwalk site as soon as possible, Thank’s JP, Axxium and other Zenwalk team. Before that happened, you can try to download at mirror provided by all friends that consider about spreading open source project to Internet Cafe. Stay tune.

Best regards

A. Hardiena

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