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Slax Creator + Module + ISO (1 cd)

7,500 Rp.5,000

Dengan cd ini kamu dapat membuat distro Linux sendiri! Yup betul! Semudah kamu pake mouse aja, kamu bisa customized cd linux dan kasih nama distro sendiri! Buruan pesan dan buktikan sendiri!

MySLAX creator allows you to create your own customised Slax live cd in Windows XP/2000/NT.

This program can:


It has also been used with other SLAX derivatives such as Klax,
gNOX, GoblinX and Mutagenix but this is only feedback from users on the slax forums.

Please feel free to explore the rest of the site using the navigation to the right. I hope you enjoy the program!

Additional software for SLAX is provided in the form of compressed modules. The usage is very simple, just add your downloaded module to /modules/ directory on the CD to include it in SLAX permanently, or use "uselivemod" command in SLAX to activate the module on the fly, while running SLAX.

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