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Playstation Emulator 1.6.0 (1 cd)


Emulator Playstation 1 di komputer linux. Masukkan game ps di cdrom dan maenkan gamenya dari Linux box kamu :D

ePSXe 1.6.0 has been released. Many things have been fixed and some more features should be included in another fix version that will be released shortly. As usual you can download the latest version in the files section.

Enhanced PSX Emulator most known as ePSXe is an emulator of the PlayStation video game console. Its initial release was on October 14, 2000 [1]. ePSXe is freeware currently available for download.

As with most modern emulators, ePSXe requires the use of plugins to emulate GPU, SPU, and CD drive functions, a requirement first established with PSEmu/PSEmuPro. ePSXe also requires the use of a BIOS file dumped from a PlayStation. This is to avoid a legal problem, as it is copyright infringement to provide the Sony's BIOS for download, and unlike some other emulators, ePSXe cannot high-level emulate the BIOS. Technically, the only legal way to use ePSXe is to dump the BIOS from a PlayStation you own.

ePSXe can run from CD and many types of CD images directly from the user's hard drive. With few exceptions, it is capable of nearly flawlessly emulating many PlayStation games. Of course, this is dependent on the plugins used and how they are configured. Games that do not necessarily run properly or even start at all, however, can still be fixed and played via the use of ePSXe patch file in .ppf format. On the latest version of ePSXe (and possibly some older versions), there's a patching feature that allows you to patch certain games.

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