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Pixel Image Editor Beta 6 (1 cd)


Cari pengganti Photoshop di Linux? Gunakan pixel image editor ini! tampilan hampir 90% sama dengan photoshopnya windows :) Selain support RGB juga support CMYK :D lho..

Pixel image editor has been developed by Pavel Kanzelsberger (Banská Bystrica, Slovakia) since 1997 (current version since 2003 after few rewrites) and is still in heavy development. In 2005, the first release candidates appeared and once all the bugs are fixed, a final release may be ready by end of 2005. Release Candidate 3 is already available to public. Release Candidate 4 will follow in July 2005 by latest, followed by final beta testing in August-December 2005. Final stable product will be released in 2007.

Lihat screenshot besarnya disini..

As you may noticed Pixel beta testing is now done in two phases. When new Beta is ready it is send to group of beta testers to make a lot of testing before it’s released to customers. This is because community is growing and users are already using Pixel for serious work. It is done in hope to avoid introducing new troubles or bugs when such user upgrades Pixel to newer beta. After everything is tested and all issues are resolved it will be released to customers. Beta 7 comes with some missing and important features and those are: transform tool, full pressure sensitive tablet support, brush dynamics, much better resampling methods and many tools improved and lots of bugs fixed. Beta 7 has been in beta testing for few weeks now and some serious issues were discovered. They’re being worked on and I’m hoping for public release (including demo versions) very soon. For those interested what is causing most troubles, it is tablet support in Linux on different distributions and various versions/configurations of X11 server. Thank you for your patience and support. I hope this release will satisfy many of you awaiting these features and much more stable release.

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