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SystemRescueCd 0.3.1 (1 cd)


An updated stable version of SystemRescueCd has been released. From the changelog: "Updated the kernel to Linux with Reiser4; updated ntfs-3g to 20061218 (full NTFS read and write support); optimized space usage to reduce the size of the disc; added option 'dodhcp' to get a dynamic IP at boot time; added option 'dostartx' to run X.Org environment at boot time; added lshw (hardware listing); improved support for hardware." Download SystemRescueCd 0.3.1 from here: systemrescuecd-x86-0.3.1.iso (120MB, MD5). SystemRescueCd is a Gentoo-based Linux live CD designed for repairing a system and restoring data after a hard disk crash.

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