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Edubuntu 6.10, a distribution specifically designed for classroom use, has been released: "The Edubuntu team is proud to announce the release of Edubuntu 6.10, codenamed 'Edgy Eft'. This release includes both installation CDs and installable live CDs for several architectures. This version introduces a host of new features, an improved interface and a wide variety of new applications and desktop tools making Edubuntu 6.10 flexible and user-friendly. Highlights: the very recent versions of well-known free educational software like the KDEedu suite in version 3.5.5, GCompris 7.4, SchoolTool 0.11 and the Tux4Kids applications; GNOME 2.16; substantially faster startup and shutdown; the latest Firefox web browser; proactive security features; Evolution 2.8.0."

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