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ZenLive Linux 2.8 (1 CD)


A new version of ZenLive Linux, a subproject the Slackware-based Zenwalk Linux, is out: "It's official, ZenLive 2.8 has been released! This is a major version release based on the latest stable release of Zenwalk Linux, version 2.8. In addition, the latest versions of Zenwalk's net-based package management system, 'netpkg', which now allows software downloading from multiple repositories, system-tools and xdialog have been upgraded. A few new games have been added. All of your favorite Zenwalk applications are here as well so you'll feel right at home. Zenwalk 2.8 is a live CD powerhouse complete with wireless networking support, multimedia, office and gaming software, as well as international fonts and DVD codecs."

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