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Dreamlinux 2.0 WORKS (1 CD)


The Dreamlinux Project Team announced version 2.0 of Dreamlinux, a Brazilian Linux distribution based on the XFce desktop: "called WORKS and it brings the most known Linux apps for a production environment, like OpenOffice, Inkscape, Gimp, etc. Full support to multimedia, automatic detection of video cards and monitors, and the version 2.5 of MKDistro, tool for distros' building. This Dreamlinux version is the result of making use of various technologies that came from many different distros, like Kanotix, Elive, Morphix and Debian. With a 2.6.14 Kanotix Kernel, the distro also counts with Xorg 6.9, support for ALSA and many refinements and improvements, beyond the customised XFCE 4.4 environment and with exclusive icons for this distro."

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