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SNAPPIX 0.9.1 (1 CD)


SNAPPIX is a KNOPPIX-based live CD with many open source Java components integrated into one compact package. A new version was released yesterday: "SNAPPIX 0.9 'OSCON' showcases the open source components in SNAP Platform 0.9, which feature the SableVM open source Java VM, GNU Classpath library, and Jikes compiler, the Apache Ant build tool, the Jython scripting language, plus the Eclipse universal tool platform, and the Tomcat servlet and JSP container. SNAPPIX 0.9 contains Mono 1.1.6, MonoDevelop, MonoDoc 1.0.6-3, and XSP MonoDevelop features full syntax-highlighting and debugging integration of C# applications for the Mono environment."

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