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EAGET S606 SSD 120GB Internal SSD SATA3 2.5inch

800,000 Rp.615,000 (maaf kosong)

Brand: Eaget Model: S606 Color: Champagne Gold Capacity: 120G / 240G Chip: TLC Size: 100 * 69.8 * 6.8mm(2.5 inch SDD) System: 98SE ME XP Vista Win7 Win8 Win10 for Mac OS 8.6 Linux 2.4 or above Weight: 36g Interface: SATA 3.0 Application: storage backup files movies music pictures software data files etc. Pengenalan Produk Feature: 1. Ultra-fast Unusual(550MB/s Read, 420MB/s Write) 2. Portable Ultra-thin(6.8mm), Ultralight(36g) 3. 10 times faster than traditional SSD,low fever,Low noise,Low energy consumption. 4. CMOS technology, low efficacy, there is no mechanical moving parts.Reduce the possibility of data corruption 5. TRIM technology,bad block management functions. 6. By FCC/CE/IOS 9001 quality certification.Safe & Reliable

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