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PKCELL LR6-2B Batere AA Alkaline (2 Biji)

15,000 Rp.9,980 (maaf kosong)

Batere Alkaline dengan kemampuan super. Cocok untuk mainan, kamera maupun remote. Ukuran AA / A2.

Model: LR6-2B TYPE: Alkaline battery Size: AA Discharging time: 400min Application: Recorder, Flashlight, MP3, Walkman, Toys, Security, Security products and so on. Pengenalan Produk Feature: 1. Long discharging time, 1.5 times of ordinary alkaline battery 2. One year warranty 3. Applicable for recorder, flashlight, MP3, walkman, toys, Security products and so on. 4. 400 miniutes discharging time, longer than most ordinary alkaline battery Package included: 1 x 2pcs/card PKCELL LR6-2B AA Alkaline Battery

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