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Linux LiveCD Router 2.0.15 (1 CD)


Linux LiveCD Router is a Linux distribution designed to share a broadband connection over WiFi. It can be used with DSL, cable modem, T1, ISDN, and dial-up connections. It can also be used it as a firewall, or as an access point for most WiFi cards. Linux LiveCD Router does not require any installation, but requires a dedicated computer to boot and run the CD.

Features # Share and Firewall your broadband or dedicated Internet connection # Includes Firewall Shorewall and Masquerading (NAT) # Does not require any installation. It is a LiveCD, your computer simply boots straight from the CD. Does not require a hard disk # Supports DSL, Cablemodem, Fixed IP and Dial-Up # Traffic Control, QoS WonderShaper # DHCP Client and Server # Remote SSH administration # Secure Internet Access using simple PuTTY Tunnels # Includes DNS Cache to accelerate surfing # Includes SNMP Monitoring, MRTG graphical statistics # Use standard and low cost computer, networking and wifi hardware # Linux Software compatible with Windows and Mac Networks Hardware Requirements One dedicated computer with the following minimum specifications: 486 Processor, 16 MBytes of RAM, 2X CDRom Reader, Floppy Drive, 1 or 2 ethernet cards. NO hard disk! Optionally a WIFI card

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