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Logitech Mouse USB Wireless M165 + Baterai

200,000 Rp.165,000 (maaf kosong)

Mouse wireless terbaru dari logitech. sudah menggunakan invisible laser, sehingga hemat baterai dan bisa dipermukaan kaca / putih sekalipun. Sudah include baterai 2 x AAA dalam paket.

You can be sure this mouse will work, and keep working, just like you’d expect from a Logitech mouse—all without cords or clutter to get in your way. Wireless without hassles This mouse doesn't require a second thought. Work for up to 12 months* between battery changes. * Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions. Wireless, it's as easy as corded Just plug in the tiny wireless receiver. There’s no pairing and no software.

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