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Xiaomi Mi Headphones HiFi Edition - Hitam

1,650,000 Rp.1,250,000 (maaf kosong)

Headphone berkualitas tinggi dari Xiaomi. Tidak kalah dengan merek lama yang sudah terkenal. Detail suara sangat minim distorsi plus suara bass yang sangat bagus dan berkualitas. Super! Suara sangat detail dan sensitif. Xiaomi headset is designed with oversized 50 mm diaphragm, 25% larger than the same level headphones, do better bass performance. Meanwhile, it is only 2 microns thin. Better sensitivity. Excellent diaphragm material. You can enjoy details of your favorite music and full of explosive.

Massive 50mm diaphragm, incredible sensitivity At the heart of Mi Headphones lies an acoustic system supported by a large 50mm diaphragm that's 4 times harder than steel and 60% lighter than titanium alloy. It produces a quality of sound found only in high-end audio systems and has the ability to retain a natural sound with minimal distortion and coloration, even at the highest ranges. Size matters. The size of the acoustic membrane directly impacts sound quality. Measuring 50mm, this acoustic membrane is 25% larger than other regular headphones, creating a sound with an exceptional bass. Only 2 microns thick, it has incredible sensitivity to detail so you can distinguish even subtle nuances in music.

Turn it up. The 32-ohm low impedance allows for higher audio levels while running on less power. Built with mobile compatibility in mind, Mi Headphones work great especially when you're plugged into your phone and on the go.

All item you get from the box : 1 x Mi Headphones 1 x Cable 1 x On-ear foam cushion kit 1 x On-ear soft cushion kit 1 x Over-ear soft cushion kit 1 x Airplane adapter 1 x 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter 1 x Microfiber drawstring bag 1 x Hard carrying case 1 x User guide

Frequency Response Frequency Range: 20-20,000Hz Impedance Impedance : 32Ohm Sensitivity : 98dB Rated Power : 50mW Others Microphone : Built-in Knowles MEMS microphone Wire Material : Silver-plated copper wire Length: 1.4m Jack : 3.5mm gold-plated Executive Standard : GB/T 14471-2013 Remote compatibility : Compatible with popular Android phones and devices running iOS 5 and above.

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