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MyGica Enjoy Android TV Dongle - ATV120 - Dual Core Black

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HDMI Dongle dengan os android. Menyulap TV hdmi biasa Anda menjadi smart TV. Lengkap dengan remote kontrolnya. MyGica ATV120 Dual Core TV Stick It is a small gadget - the same size as a USB Disk-on-Key, with full Android capabilities and multimedia services. Dual Core HDMI Stick ATV120 is packing a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 1GB of DDR3 RAM and Android 4.1,That is a big improvement over the HDMI Stick ATV100. The main usage for Dual Core TV Stick ATV120 is in the living room: play movies and music, play games, stream HD video from the internet and Android applications and games can be downloaded from the internet. Dual Core HDMI Stick ATV120 has a WiFi connection to the internet and an HDMI connection to a television - making every TV into a smart TV. Features HDMI video output, connect HDTV with Dual Core HDMI stick ATV120 for HD 1080P video playback. ARM CORTEX A9*2 ,frequency is 1.2GHz-1.5GHz, RAM is 1G,built in 4G flash memory and powered by Android 4.1. Support weather, calendar and desktop clock gargets. Connect to the internet with Google Chrome browser to access any website for entertainment, information or education. Support flash player11, Watch online video from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or any local video sites and even video-on-demand services. Chat with Facebook or Twitter, Skype and Yahoo message etc. Access to Android app-stores to download, install and run the huge number of Android applications is available. Stream HD video, music and display images from local memory or from any computer on the wireless DLNA. Build in WIFI, 4G flash memory (optional) and supports 3D Graphic. Power supply by USB ports directly, no need power adaptor. Unique mini PC design, the size of the product is similar with USB flash disk. It operated by Infared remote control, you can fix the receiver everywhere within the operate range. USB interface,Support USB mouse and keyboard operation and simple IR remote control with mouse function. App Installer for application installation from USB/ Micro SD,Mini USB for power supply. Package Contents Dual Core HDMI Stick ATV120 USB Cable Manual IR Remoter Control

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