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LCD Raspberry Pi 3.6inch TFT Standard

250,000 Rp.167,000 (maaf kosong)

LCD seukuran 3.6inch, cocok untuk raspberry pi anda. Ukuran sama dengan ukuran raspberry. Compact. Instalasi mudah. Langsung konek ke raspberry melalui port GPIO.

This TFT provides a 3.6” display for the Raspberry Pi (RPi). It features a 3.6” TFT LCD 320x480 resolution display. This TFT LCD connects directly to the GPIO connector of the RPi. Features 3.6” TFT LCD Display, 320x480 Resolution. Additional GPIO connector given on TFT pcb to use rest pins for other use. Powered directly from the Raspberry Pi, no additional power required. GPIO pins used for TFT LCD Display: pin1 3V3 ------------------------------------ TFT 3V3 / TS 3V3 pin18 GPIO24 ----------------------------- TFT RS pin19 GPIO10/MOSI -------------------- TFT MOSI / TS DIN pin24 GPIO8/CE0 ------------------------ TFT CS pin23 GPIO11/CLK ---------------------- TFT SCLK / TS DCLK pin22 GPIO25 ----------------------------- TFT RST pin12 GPIO18/PWM -------------------- TFT BL pin6 GND ----------------------------------- TFT GND pin21 GPIO9/MISO --------------------- TS DOUT pin5 GPIO3/SCL ------------------------- TS PENIRQ pin26 GPIO7/CE1 ------------------------ TS CS

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