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LEAP Motion Controller

1,350,000 Rp.1,099,000 (maaf kosong)

Dengan sensor ini Anda bisa mengendalikan pc / laptop / komputer Anda dengan gerakkan kedua tangan dan jari jari anda. Sangat menarik! Support windows, mac, dan linux. Imagine if you could do things on your computer just like you do them in real life. If natural movements replaced all those clicks and taps and drags and drops. Imagine if technology finally figured out people, instead of the other way around. That’s how we see the future. The Leap Motion Controller is a new way to do things on your computer just by moving your hands and fingers in the air. It comes with Airspace, the Leap Motion App Store, where you’ll find all-new kinds of apps made for this technology. Wave a hand or lift a finger, and you can make music and art, fly a plane, drive a race car, play air guitar for real, browse the web, navigate your desktop, and more. Features It goes where no device has gone before. With a wave of a hand or lift of a finger, you’re about to use your computer in a whole new way. The Leap Motion Controller senses how you move your hands the way you naturally move them. So you can point, wave, reach, and grab. Even pick something up and put it down. Just like in real life. It’s an amazing device for the things you do every day and for things you never thought you could do. Do almost anything without touching anything. You can only do so much on a computer with clicks and taps. But with the Leap Motion Controller and our apps, nothing’s holding hands and fingers back. So almost anything's possible. A little bit of magic. A lot of freedom. All that wide open space between you and your computer is now just for hands and fingers. The Leap Motion Controller senses almost every little move they make, and every big one, too. Technically speaking, it’s 8 cubic feet of interactive, three-dimensional space. But you can say it’s magic. It works with what you already have. A lot of freedom. The Leap Motion Controller doesn’t replace your keyboard, mouse, stylus, or trackpad. It works with them, and without special adapters. With the Leap Motion software running, just plug it into the USB on your Mac or PC, and you’re off. Airspace. The first-ever place for first-ever apps. A lot of freedom. Airspace is where you will discover, download and experience apps built for the speed and accuracy of the Leap Motion technology. Fly a plane, paint a picture, browse the web - all with the wave of your hand in the air. System Requirement System Requirement to operate Leap Motion : Windows 7 or 8 or Mac OS X 10.7 Lion AMD Phenom II or Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor 2GB RAM USB 2.0 port Internet connection Package Included All item you get from Leap Motion Box : Leap Motion Controller 2 custom-length USB 2.0 cables Welcome card Important Information guide

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