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tinysofa classic server 2.0 Update 5 (1 cd)


Jaakko Heinonen has announced the release of a new update to tinysofa classic server 2.0: "tinysofa classic server 2.0 Update 5 (Ceara) is now generally available. This release focuses on bug and security fixes, integrates all released security fixes, and updates various packages (notably the kernel) to the more recent upstream releases. 'Ceara' features: the Linux 2.6.16 kernel, grsecurity support, APT and SmartPM for advanced package management, the next generation PHP 5 environment (5.0.4), OpenSSH 4.3p2, high availability features such as DRBD (0.7.17) and UCARP (1.1), the latest development tools and languages (GCC 3.4.3, Python 2.4.2), and much more.

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