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Gigabit Intel® PRO/1000 MT Dual Port Server Adapter (Lan card dengan 2 port rj45 / slot PCI) - Intel PWLA8492

700,000 Rp.525,000 (maaf kosong)

LAN Card gigabit, slot PCI. bila umumnya lancard hanya memiliki output/input rj45 satu port saja, di lancard yang satu ini disediakan sekaligus 2 port , yang bisa disetting sendiri sendiri. Jadi bila mainboard anda memiliki 3 slot pci, maka bisa dipastikan bisa memiliki hinggal 6 port rj45 dengan menambahkan 3 unit lancard ini. Support linux, windows, novel, dsb.

Easy, cost-effective 10/100/1000 migration over CAT-5 cabling Multi-Gigabit scalability and increased uptime through advanced server features Optional low-profile bracket included for high-density, rack-mounted servers.

upport for most NOSs Enables widespread deployment Intel® SingleDriver™ technology Common driver suite for Gigabit Ethernet reduces installation complexity Backward compatibility with previous generations of Intel® PRO/1000 Network Adapters Reduces support costs and simplifies installation and maintenance Supports 64- or 32-bit PCI-X 1.0 or PCI 2.2 buses This flexible, auto-sensing adapter works in a variety of bus types Remote Management Support (WfM, RIS, SNMP/DMI) Reduces support costs with remote management based on industry-wide standards IEEE 802.3ab compatibility Supports Gigabit Ethernet industry-wide networking standard Intel® 82546 Gigabit Controller Provides high performance, reliability, and low power use in a single integrated Gigabit Ethernet controller chip Full-height and low-profile, screw-on brackets included with each adapter Compatible with full-height and low-profile PCI standard. Full-height bracket can be easily swapped out and replaced by the shorter, low-profile bracket, for installation in high-density 1U and 2U servers that feature low-profile PCI Interrupt moderation Delivers increased performance while significantly reducing CPU utilization Advanced cable diagnostics Dynamically tests and reports network problems (error rate, cable length) and automatically compensates for cable issues (cross over cable, wrong pin-out/polarity) Large send off-load/TCP segmentation off-load Compatible with large send off-load feature of Microsoft Windows* Server 2003, 2000 and XP which enables wire speed performance with low CPU utilization Expanded advanced server features Intel® ANS software increases uptime with redundant, teamed connections and scales bandwidth by balancing network traffic across multiple server connections. 'Now offers SFT (Switch Fault Tolerance) and TSC (Test Switch Configuration) to test compatibility and further increase uptime Gigabit speeds on Category-5 cable networks Able to achieve Gigabit speeds on commonly deployed CAT-5 cabling without costly cable replacement Compatible with Fast Ethernet Reduces training costs and ramp rollout quickly Auto-sensing, self-configuring 10/100/1000 Mbps performance Enables migration to faster networks easily and inexpensively – adapter will automatically sense when the network is able to support a faster speed, and self-configure to save IT staff time, money and server downtime

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