CAINE digital forensic linux 5.0 (1 DVD)


Nanni Bassetti has announced the release of CAINE 5.0, an Ubuntu-based distribution and live DVD containing a large number of tools designed for forensic analysis and penetration testing: "CAINE 5.0 'Blackhole' 64-bit - official CAINE GNU/Linux distro latest release. Changelog: Linux kernel 3.8; Based on Ubuntu 12.04.3 64-bit - UEFI and Secure Boot ready; CAINE 5.0 on pen drive can boot on UEFI, UEFI + Secure Boot, legacy BIOS, BIOS; CAINE 5.0 on DVD can boot on legacy BIOS and BIOS; SystemBack is the new installer; rbfstab is a utility that is activated during boot or when a device is plugged - it writes read-only entries to /etc/fstab so devices are safely mounted for forensic imaging/examination; mounter is a GUI mounting tool that sits in the system tray - left clicking the system tray drive icon activates a window where the user can select devices to mount or un-mount."

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