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GParted LiveCD 0.2.4-2 (1 cd)


GParted LiveCD is a specialist distribution designed for the purpose of partitioning one's hard disk in an intuitive, graphical environment. Version 0.2.4-2 has been released with the following changes: "Fixed /bin/vidcard to show more info for the video card selections; fixed boot error message 'Cannot mount /dev/hdc on /mnt'. Device or resource busy'; the live CD now uses kernel modules; rebuilt X.Org 6.8.2 to be modular; rebuilt libusb 0.1.12; rebuilt ncurses 5.4 to save space; updated to Leafpad 0.8.9, udev 089, Fluxbox, Linux kernel, GTK+ 2.8.17; added module-init-tools 3.2.2, Synaptics 0.14.4; added support for Synaptics touchpads.

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