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ClearOS 6.5.0 "Community" 32bit (1 CD)


CD Distro linux siap pakai untuk membuat server gateway router INSTAN!. Peter Baldwin has announced the release of ClearOS 6.5.0 "Community" edition, a CentOS-based distribution for cloud-connected servers and gateways designed for homes, hobbyists and small organisations: "ClearOS Community 6.5.0 is now available. Along with the usual round of bug fixes and enhancements, the 6.5.0 release introduces QoS, marketplace enhancements, a network detail report, an administrators application, official Amazon EC2 support, a software RAID manager, a network map tool, UPnP support, an updated web server application, as well as new reporting features. Under the hood, some changes were made to support OwnCloud as well as web-based applications (Tiki Wiki, WordPress, Joomla, etc.). For businesses and organizations, ClearOS Professional 6.5.0 also includes: network map for business; Samba 4 and Samba Directory (beta)

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