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PCLinuxOS 2013.10 KDE MiniME 64bit (1 CD)


Bill Reynolds has announced the release of PCLinuxOS 2013.10, the latest round of maintenance updates for the project's "KDE", "MiniMe" and "LXDE" editions: "PCLinuxOS KDE 2013.10 (32/64-bit) is now available for download. With respect to the previous KDE editions these ISO images have the following changes/additions: Linux kernel 3.4.64. KDE 2013.10 has all the additions from MiniME and was built to provide a general-purpose KDE desktop computing environment. The DVD includes popular tools for office, audio, video, graphics, and Internet applications (LibreOffice 4.1.2, GIMP, Skype, Dropbox, VirtualBox, etc.) as well as additional drivers and tools to set up your hardware (graphic card, network, printer, scanner, etc.)." Read the release announcement (the "LXDE" edition was announced in a separate post) for more information and screenshots.

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