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Pinux Linux 1.0 -FINAL- (2 cd)

10,000 Rp.5,000

Credit: Pointer Multimedia

This live disk distro based on RH9 by Redhat. Features: - Simple installations, you don't need become a linux expert to install pinux. - Good for cybercafe, student training or office use. - User frendly desktop. - Include many popular linux office and internet applications and can run many windows based applications. - All applications is opensource or freeware. You don't need worry about payment or law enforcement. - Can working on MS Windows networking environment, already supporting windows samba disk share and printer share also capability to remote desktop and handle a popup message. - Displaying foreign character: Chinese, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India and more. - Web based administration to configure your pinux. - This pinux distro has been evaluated for 9 months on a hundred different brands of PCs and by a thousand different users before available to shared to public. - Pinux is freeware, good for low cost investment. Minimum Hardware Requirement: Intel Pentium-II 300 MHz 128 MB memory 3.2G Harddisk Vga card with 2 MB video memory Standard 16/32 SoundCard (Exclude Yamaha chipset) Cdrom or Cdrw (attached on secondary-master cable is good!) 2 USB port Network Interface Card (for networking) Vga which capable 1024x768 mode

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