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Endian Firewall 2.5.2 (1 CD)


Version 2.5.2 of Endian Firewall, a specialist distribution designed for firewalls and routers, has been released: "After a long time, we are ready to announce the Endian Firewall Community 2.5.2 release. This release is mainly a bug-fix one. A list of the main changes: antivirus - ClamAV has been updated to the most recent version to make sure signature updates will continue to work; anti-spyware - lists are now being provided by PhishTank instead of Malware Domains, this not only results in more sites being recognized correctly but also allows us to show an information page with a link to PhishTank's description of the malicious website instead of displaying an empty page; hardware support - support for various hardware devices has been added, including support for USB modems as well as drivers for network interface cards and hard disk controllers

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