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Lunar Linux 1.6.0 (1 cd)


After over half a year of work on their first 2.6.x kernel based ISO series, the developers of the source-based Lunar Linux released their 1.6.0-i686 Installer ISO, codename "Indium Antimonide", to the public: "This is a major step forward from the 1.5.x series releases, adding a lot of features to Lunar-Linux installs, such as SELINUX, NPTL threads, udev, and more 2.6-kernel related improvements to the Linux OS. This release also adds the user-friendly installer and refines it greatly. It adds better hardware recognition and module loading options, an easier way to setup compilers against kernel sources and headers, and easier compiler optimization management with a completely pluggable package management tool. The installer is now also capable of installing and initializing software RAID."

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