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Musix GNU+Linux 0.39 (1 cd)


Musix GNU+Linux is a KNOPPIX-based live and installation CD with a large collection of free audio software.

This project was concieved to provide free software tools primarily for Musicians and Audio operators using compatible i386 computer equipment. You can: * Master for CD [1] * Publish musical scores [2] * Print musical scores [3] * Create MIDI Instruments [4] * Record and reproduce Audio and MIDI [5] * Edit and mix Audio and MIDI tracks with Multitrack Sequencers/Editors[6] * Perform noise-reduction to recover recordings [7] * Use effects in real time with any device (microphone, line, etc.) [8] * Connect a keyboard or another MIDI device and control the available software synthesizers [9] ... and many more things, but Musix GNU+Linux contains applications for many other activities besides music or audio... like for example: file management, graphics design, Internet, programming, office (spreadsheet, text processor), data retrieval, multimedia, etc. You can see the complete menu of programs available by clicking in "Musix", located in the taskbar.

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