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KANOTIX 2005-04 (1 CD)


KANOTIX is a Linux distribution based on Debian "sid". It usually contains the latest packages and kernels, carefully patched with fixes and drivers for most modern hardware. Although it can be used as a live CD, it also includes a simple graphical installer for easy hard disk installation. The user-friendly nature of the distribution is further enhanced by a custom-built Control Centre and specialist scripts. KANOTIX is supported on a multilingual forum, Wiki and IRC channel by the distribution's active and friendly user community

Highlights: * Kernel with numerous patches * udev 0.079-1 and new hardware recognition (hwsetup-ng) - no kudzu based recognition anymore. Drawback: ISA PnP not recognized anymore. For soundcards not automatically recognized, use alsaconf * new graphical Installer with updatefeature * ACPI and DMA are activated by default (can be deactivated by cheatcode acpi=off or nodma) , also see Bootoptions (Cheatcodes) * Kernel optimised for modern CPU's - i586 and x86-64 * X-Org 6.8.2 for full support of NVIDIA- and ATI-cards (users with Nvidia-cards can dist-upgrade anytime to use X-Org 6.9) * KDE 3.4.3 * Firefox 1.5 * OpenOffice 2.0.0-5 (not included in the LITE-Versions) * Unionfs-support (with Cheatcode unionfs ) * AVM Fritz!Card DSL-support * Eagle USB DSL-support * Captive 1.1.5 (not for 64 bit) * Alsa 1.0.10rc1 * AMSN 0.95 Instant-Messenger with full video-support (no audio) * Grub Boot-Loader for booting from CD - ideal also for rescue-missions from the commandline * Memtest86+ advanced diagnosis-tool for your system's memory * minimum hardware requirements - 128 MB RAM for 32 Bit, 256 MB RAM for 64 Bit, 3-4 GB HD for an Installation * special features: Netcards in a HD install are renamed and grouped to lanX, wirelessX and firewireX,but not with an update-install. Here you can run fix-udev-lan manualy.

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