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PCLinuxOS 2012.09 KDE FullMonty i386 (1 DVD)


A new maintenance release of the PCLinuxOS "KDE Full Monty" edition, the project's Linux distribution with a special desktop layout and a large number of applications, is ready: "PCLinuxOS KDE FullMonty 2012.09 is now available for download. This is a 32-bit DVD image which can also be installed on 64-bit computers. KDE FullMonty is a regular PCLinuxOS KDE installation with special desktop layout and many applications and drivers pre-installed. FullMonty applies a new concept: activity-focused virtual desktop layout, which is designed to address typical user needs and tasks. KDE FullMonty features: Linux kernel 3.2.18, KDE 4.8.3 with many applications; all kinds of drivers and applications to deal with any kind of external hardware, like cell-phones, scanners, printers, webcams, TVs, Bluetooth devices, iPods, radios, etc; six activity-focused virtual desktop layouts, each with task-related desktop launchers of popular applications.

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