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2X OS 7.1 Thinclient OS (1 CD)


2X Software has announced the release of 2X OS 7.1, a specialist Linux-based operating system for thin clients: "2X Software today announced the release of 2X OS 7.1 featuring a light, straightforward, efficient and visually pleasing Linux operating system offering a variety of connectivity clients including 2X RDP, Citrix ICA, VMware View, VNC and Linux NX and HTML. The new 2X OS v7.1 offers both simple and advanced desktop implementation depending on the user experience, requirements and hardware capacities. The Simple Desktop Manager for compact installations between 1 GB and 1.5 GB enables a full operating system to run on older hardware. This implementation has very little memory usage and is also suitable for very low specification thin clients. The Advanced Desktop Manager features local applications such as a media player, text editor, task manager, calculator and file manager

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