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Slackel KDE-4.8.2 (1 DVD)


Slackel is a Linux distribution based on Slackware's "current" branch, with the goal of integrating the latest KDE desktop, the Calligra office suite and some custom artwork into separate live (installable to hard disk) and installation DVD images. The project's latest version, KDE-4.8.2, was announced yesterday: "A new set of Slackel KDE-4.8.2 version. A collection of four KDE ISO images are immediately available to our users, including 32-bit and 64-bit installation images as well as 32-bit and 64-bit live images that can be burned to a DVD or used with a USB drive. Slackel KDE-4.8.2 includes the latest 'current' tree of Slackware Linux and the latest KDE 4.8.2 accompanied by a very rich collection of KDE-centric software. The Firefox 11.0 web browser, KMail and KTorrent are the main networking applications included in this release, followed by Akregator and Kopete.

(The root password for the live CD is “live”. Standard user login is “one” with no password)

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