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ClearOS 5.2 Service Pack 1 + Tutorial Bhs. Indonesia (2 CD)


Versi terbaru, plus perbaikan dan patch SP1. Distribusi linux untuk server. cocok untuk kantor, warnet, soho, dsb yang tidak ingin repot. Sebelumnya bernama Clarkconnect. CD pertama instaler, cd kedua tutorial lengkap penggunaan dalam bahasa indonesia dan bahasa inggris. ClearOS is a network and gateway server designed for small businesses and distributed environments. Based on CentOS, a clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the distribution includes an extensive list of features and integrated services which are easy to configure through an intuitive web-based interface. Some of the tools found in ClearOS include antivirus, antispam, VPN, content filtering, bandwidth manager, SSL certification, and web log analyser, just to name a few of the available modules. The distribution is provided as a free download, inclusive of free security updates for 18 months.

ClearOS 5.2, a CentOS-based open-source Linux server, network and gateway solution for small business and distributed environments, is now available for download: "The primary ClearOS 5.2 changes include: Password policy engine to improve security; Detailed disk usage reporting to improve storage utilization; Network traffic analyzer tool to detect bandwidth challenges; Custom firewall tool to create advanced rules; H.323 support for VoIP systems; Improved support for Google Apps and Zarafa in LDAP Directory; A base system updated to CentOS 5.5. As usual, please consult the Release Notes for specific upgrade information regarding your ClearOS version. ClearOS 5.x supports upgrades from ClarkConnect 4.x and later. Upgrades from earlier versions (or systems originally installed with an earlier version) are not supported

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