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A simple project for creating hosting server-a-like live distribution . The idea is creating a simple and easy to install debian based secure system distibuted in LAMP stack as well and LNMP (nginx), with support for 32-64 bit cpus and small-large ram. Initial Stage: Creating stable live systems Second Stage: mod_mono and php coexistance, RoR, manage users/groups/packages scripts and system monitoring system, custom graphics Third Stage BUilding entire CnCP system (CnCp's not cPanel in old UNIX fashion), a web interface to create/manage and deploy users/accounts/monitoring on this server. You are more than welcome to help (developing/deploying/design/administration/words of wisdom/whatever you think you can do) Project current status is: Initial stage - > Alpha, virtualbox image of the system, when show some stable and secure properties will be released as livecd aswell (vmdk on its way) srvRX live Web Site Features stable livecd added, installed packages in the wiki Next version is coming live on 26.03.2012 (hopefully) with installer, phpmyadmin and phppgadmin opening from remote machines, and several how-tos on creating users and managing them with (hopefully) scipt that does some automation on user creation and privileges proccess, if you want to be part of srvRX you can contact me and/or leave review (of any kind: why it sux, why it's cool, poetry :D, stuff like that).

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