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Antenna StationBox®-5GHz 20dBi

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StationBox is a universal enclosure designed for outdoor installations. One of the StationBox’s main advantages is its universality and applicability for different kind of devices and antennas from different suppliers. After mounting all components look like one entity. (tidak termasuk pigtail)

The StationBox is made of durable plastic and it consists only of 4 parts. Our outdoor enclosure is provided with compact mounting bracket. In addition, there is a possibility of using NanoBracket for the installation which enables to adjust the enclosure to any direction in range of 90° to each side. The StationBox’s design is very simple and it is made with emphasis on its functionality. The main purpose of this product is not only the installation of the device but also the simplicity of sequential service. The StationBox is ingenious solution for outdoor installations of the antennas and devices that is indicated by its extraordinary features including the long lifetime. Weather resistance StationBox® is designed to perfectly resist weather anywhere on our planet. It is made of durable ABS plastic, which is though in large temperature ranges and is stabilized to resist ultra-violet (UV) rays. All metal parts are made of aluminium. StationBox® is not IP rated enclosure, but is designed to resist any kind of weather - rain, sunshine, snow, ice, low or high temperature, low or high air humidity. Our philosophy of weather resistance is different from having perfectly sealed box. We allow air to gently circulate in- and out of the box. It improves cooling of installed device in hot summer. Using leakage hole in lower part of the StationBox® also allows condensed air humidity to leave the box. With perfectly sealed box, you simply conserve humidity inside the box and with temperature changes it just changes its physical state, and it speeds the corrosion process. Rain nor snow are not allowed to enter inside the StationBox®. The only thing StationBox® will not survive is being put completely underwater, as put into the sea or waterpool. Kelengkapan Barang Smart and easy maintenance The base of whole idea of simplicity is TOP COVER which includes a compact bracket of the StationBox®. During the maintenance operations, the Top cover remains on its position on a pole or console. This ensures, that the direction to the opposite side of the link remains untouched. All other parts of the StationBox®, incl. components placed inside of the StationBox® - antenna and PCB AP/Router board, are capable to be removed. Consenquently, technician can replace the set directly at the place of installation, or may decide to perform maintenance at more appropriate place. Thus, the time of maintenance (or the time of network's upgrade) is reduced to necessary minimum, counted in just couple of minutes. Spesifikasi Antenna: 5GHz 20 dbi

Compatible Boards: Mikrotik: RB411, RB411A, RB411AH, Crossroads Ubiquiti Networks: WISPstation - possible to install 2 boards in 1 StationBox, RouterStation, RouterStation Pro Wline: W3000G, W4000Gv4, W3000GLX Compex: WP54AG, WP54G Wiligear: WBD111, WBD500 in both possible to install 2 boards in 1 StationBox Airlive: WL5460AP, WL5470AP, WLA9000AP Alfa networks: W610 CC/C:WA-2204A

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