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Tutorial Video: Blender FMX DVD Tutorial (1 DVD)

20,000 Rp.10,000 (maaf kosong)

DVD berisi aplikasi lengkap blender, pemutar media, video training, dan sample movie yang dibuat dengan blender. Dalam bahasa Inggris, namun training tetap mudah diikuti karena ditampilkan langsung capture / tangkapan layar pada komputer trainer. DVD ini merupakan dvd official yang diberikan pada para peserta pertemuan international FMX 2011 - pada tanggal 3-6 Mei 2011, di Stuggart.

The Blender DVDs with exclusive beginner tutorials that have been given out at FMX are now available for the public as digital download! If you want to recommend Blender to a friend or colleage, give them one of these!

At the first public meeting of the Nuremberg Blender User Group (NuremBUG) I gave all attendees one of the DVDs the Blender booth crew gave out at FMX Stuttgart. We noticed that the content ist perfect for people new to Blender and that the perfect way to recommend Blender to someone is to give him one of these DVDs. That's why I decided to put them up for download. This way you can burn your own "Blender Beginners Kit".

Here a list of the contents: Blender 2.57b in 32 and 64bit for Linux, Mac OS, FreeBSD and Windows Three excellent beginner tutorials by Sebastian König Three VFX tutorials by BlenderDiplom A ressources list for tutorials, trainig, communities etc. A selection of Blendfiles for study and use in projects A description of Renderfarm.fi Sintel, Big Buck Bunny and Elephants Dream

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