PUIAS Linux 6.2 i386 (1 DVD)

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Distro linux berbasis Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2. Alternatif selain CentOS. Thomas Uphill has announced the release of PUIAS Linux 6.2 (code name "Pisa"), a distribution built by compiling the source packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2, with extra repositories with additional software packages. It is maintained by the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University in the USA. The announcement was made last week, but the installation DVD images only appeared on the project's download server yesterday. "PUIAS Linux 6.2 released. We are publishing the final PUIAS 6.2 today and we made it the default for PUIAS 6. Machines on automatic setup can expect to receive the update tonight - if you would like to keep your machines at 6.1 for now consider either stopping your rsync of the main mirror or creating /etc/yum/vars/releasever file with content 6.1 on such machines.

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