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Antena Omni Directional Hyperlink 2.4Ghz 15 dBi HG2415U-PRO

1,700,000 Rp.1,599,980 (maaf kosong)

Antena omni terbaik, dengan power 15dbi. sebaran 360 derajat. Panjang 1 meter. Center fed collinear array Heavy-duty steel mounting brackets Commercial grade, 15 dBi antenna Solid Brass Elements Integral N-Female connector

Professional Grade The HyperGain HG2415U-PRO is a Profession Grade Omni-Directional antenna that can be used for Commercial installations. The antenna features high gain and superior VSWR. The unit is optimized for the 2.4GHz ISM band. Superior Performance A collinear Omni-Directional antenna that utilizes a center fed Collinear Dipole array that offers superior performance over the traditional bottom fed collinear designs. A center fed collinear has radiating elements that are more uniformly fed with signals of the proper amplitude and phase. In a bottom fed design, the signals that reach the upper elements have undergone significant amplitude and phase degradation. In most cases, the upper elements of an end fed design contribute little to the antennas final composite gain and pattern. In the HyperGain HG2415U-PRO, an internal copper hard-line provides a low loss path to the antenna's central splitting and phasing component. The brass radiating elements of the HG2415U-PRO utilize an air dielectric for lowest loss and superior radiating efficiency. The design is factory tuned for superior performance. Rugged and Weatherproof This antenna's construction features a durable fiberglass radome for durability and aesthetics. Its mounting system features twin heavy-duty mounting brackets and U-Bolts for superior strength. The thick brass elements provide long life in hostile environments.

Electrical Specifications Frequency 2400-2500 MHz Gain 15 dBi Polarization Vertical Vertical Beam Width 8° Horizontal Beam Width 360° Impedance 50 Ohm Max. Input Power 100 Watts VSWR < 1.5:1 avg. Lightning Protection DC Short Mechanical Specifications Connector Integral N-Female Weight 3.3 lbs (1.5kg) Length 40.5 in. (1.03m) Base Diameter 1.69 in. (42.9mm) Radome Diameter 1.52 in. (38.6mm) Radome Material Gray Fiberglass Mounting 2.0" diameter mast max. Wind Survival up to 150 MPH Operating Temperature -40° C to 85° C (-40° F to 185° F) RoHS Compliant Yes Wind Loading Data Wind Speed (MPH) Loading 100 14 lb. 125 22 lb.

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