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IPCop Firewall 2.0.0 i486 (1 CD)

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Distro linux khusus untuk firewall , siap pakai. Olaf Westrik has announced the release of IPCop 2.0.0, a major new release of the Linux firewall distribution geared towards home and SOHO users: "IPCop 2.0.0 is released. IPCop 2.0.0 can be installed using the installation images or as an update from version 1.9.20. For those familiar with earlier IPCop versions, IPCop 2 is different; read the installation and administration manuals to get an overview. Noteworthy: the GUI uses port 8443 instead of 445; SSH uses port 8022 instead of 222; access to IPCop and to the Internet from internal networks (aka Green, Blue, Orange) is very much different. Spend some time with the various options you will find under 'Firewall Settings' and the online administration manual. Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish translations are complete, other languages are work in progress; backups from 1.4 series can not be used; add-ons made for the 1.4-series will not work

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