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Yellow Dog Linux 6.2 for Power PC (PPC) (1 DVD)

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Distro linux berbasis redhat linux/centos untuk arsitektur prosesor power pc, seperti yang digunakan pada model mac g4, g5, power7 dst. This YDL release supports the Apple PowerPC G4/G5 products, Sony PS3, and YDL PowerStation. While it is possible to enable the provided packages (RPMs) to function on other Power-architecture systems, it is not supported by Fixstars Solutions. Wireless support now includes the graphical interface Wicd which has support for PowerBook as well as PS3. WEP and WPA is now more reliable on all supported platforms. Configuration instructions are available at the Fixstar Solutions website: http://us.fixstars.com/support/solutions/ydl_6.x/ Support for both Airport and Airport Extreme is available, the later requiring end-user configuration. Please see the HOWTOs: http://us.fixstars.com/support/solutions/ydl_6.x/ Please review the Fixstar Solutions website for information concerning support for other wireless devices (ie: Airport, PCMCIA, USB). 3. Bluetooth Bluetooth devices are readily seen by Linux, but support for unique devices is case-by-case, sometimes with a great deal of effort. 4. New, Updated, and Obsoleted Applications - The Linux kernel has been upgraded to version 2.6.29 - IBM Cell SDK 3.1 has been upgraded to version - OpenOffice.org has been upgraded to version 3.0 - Improved PS3VRAM driver that is automatically enabled as swap. - The XFCE4 desktop environment has been added. - Libfreevec has been added. - Gnash has been upgraded to version 0.8.4 5. Enlightenment E17 A Quick Start Tutorial for YDL and E17 is available as the default home page of Firefox as well as on-line: http://us.fixstars.com/support/configuration/ Because menus are common between computer platforms, the boot-game-os utility will be present on non-PS3 platforms. Running boot-game-os on an Apple or pSeries machine may display some harmless errors but will have no adverse effects on the machine. The first time you log in to the E17 Desktop and engage the Computer icon, you will need to bring the associated window to the center of your screen, as follows: YDL Menu ==> Windows ==> Cleanup Windows 6. libfreevec Libfreevec optimizes several glibc routines improving the performance of many software applications. It is not enabled by default, to enable libfreevec, set ENABLE_LIBFREEVEC=yes in /etc/sysconfig/libfreevec. 7. XFCE4 Xfce4 has been added as our forth alternative desktop. It is not installed by default, but you can select it in the installer by "Customize packages now" or via yum later: yum groupinstall "XFCE4 Desktop Environment"

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