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iQunix OS 11.04 32bit (1 CD)

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iQunix OS, is a Linux operating system based on the popular Ubuntu distribution. It's unique design offers to Ubuntu users and specialist, a "bare-bone" GNOME based, operating system in which nothing is pre-installed. You have seen many distributions out there that are fancy, full fleged with lots of preinstalled applications. But none of them are pure Operating System. In contrast, iQunix is just an operating system that after you install it, you are in charge. You have the total control over what and how you are installing your applications, icons, themes and every other aspect that makes your Linux desktop experience unique.

Don't forget to check out the awesome features of iQunix OS. You can start today by downloading your ISO files to test the Live CD/USB enviroment. You can burn the ".iso" file in a CD or to a USB memory stick using UNetBootIn. If you decide to install it, don't worry if you have an other Operating system installed in your PC. iQunix will recognise it and if you want to keep it, it will install a menu to let you choose the desired OS you want to boot in.

In general you will feel the diference in iQunix when you will first boot in it's desktop enviroment Sleek and Fast Gnome desktop environment. Nothing is pre-installed as usually seen in other Linux distributions. You have the power of control to install anything you want and create YOUR own desktop experience. Both Live CD environment and Install environment are included in just 400MB. Less is better After you install iQunix OS in your PC, you will get a minimum software stack that is required to make a functional desktop enviroment. Here is a list of what you get with iQunix OS: Gedit -- Simple text editor Terminal -- For those who know the power of linux shell 2Click Update -- A simple, yet intuitive system maintenance app Nautilus -- The best file manager to manage your files and folders Remastersys -- To make a backup of your entire operating system with all your installed programs Hardware Drivers installer -- To automatically detect you systems graphic card and wireless network card and install the apropreate drivers Software Center -- To install the programs of your choice. You can immidiately start using Software Center to install aditional software from the preconfigured repositories that are available in iQunix OS. You can add your favorite icons, themes and wallpapers from Gnome Eyecandies, OSarena.net Eyecandies, or from where ever you want.

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