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Sabily 11.04 Al-Badr ULTIMATE (1 DVD)

Rp.20,000 (maaf kosong)

Sabily 11.04, an Ubuntu-based distribution with a collection of Islamic software and an integrated web content filtering tool, has been released: "The Sabily team is proud to announce the release of the new version of Sabily 11.04, code name 'Al-Badr'. What's new: new 'Al-Badr' pictures and wallpapers, new Plymouth and GDM themes; Unity and Unity 2D available, but Ubuntu classic (GNOME 2) set by default; new Firefox persona. New applications: Islamic Date - a Firefox extension that displays Hijri date; Zakat Calculator provides Zakat calculations; gufw - an easy-to-use Ubuntu firewall; DesktopNova (replacing WallpaperTray); autoKey - to avoid typing frequently encountered words; recordMyDesktop - records desktop sessions to a video file (Ogg Theora Vorbis file); Anki - an extensible flash card learning program...

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