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Qimo 4 Kids 2.0 (1 CD)


Distro linux khusus untuk anak-anak / buah hati Anda. We have introduced a new character to Qimo, her name is Illa, a cute and cuddly little polar bear. Illa (pronounced 'ee-la') is an Inuit word that means "friend", and we know she'll find her way into the hearts of your kids. She also has her own wallpaper featuring the artic landscape at dusk, filled with hues of pink and purple with the Auroa Borealis shining in the sky. Choose from a variety of Qimo and Illa wallpapers to find the one that is just right for your child. Have more than one child? With Qimo 2, they can each have their own user account! The Xubuntu session is still there too, so you can create an account for yourself as well. If you are already running Ubuntu 10.04, there's no need do a fresh install to get Qimo. Now you can add the qimo-session package from the Universe repository using Apt-get or Synaptic and you'll get all of the games, artwork, and desktop session installed. Laby Programming Game We have had one game change in version 2. Replacing eToys on the launcher is Laby, a very simple and easy game that will teach even the youngest aspiring programmer all the basics. Tested on an actual 5 year old, Laby has proven to be a very approachable and effective teaching tool that we hope will inspire a new generation of software developers.

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